About Me

Hi, I'm DLKR

Australian based in Tokyo since the late 1990s. I seek to capture the vibrancy of this megapolis during the day and its exciting atmosphere at night. I'll also be publishing photos of other beautiful and fascinating locales, so stay tuned!


Each of my photos is available as a museum quality print in a variety of formats and sizes that would look fantastic on your wall. Worldwide shipping available. Browse my shop, select a picture you like, choose your preferred print format, and order today! I'm also selling on RedBubble and Society6.


Are you a creator seeking striking visuals? All of my photos are also available as high-resolution downloads. Purchasing gives you the license to use them for any purpose—even commercial.
  • For individual images, browse my shop, select the one you like, and under "Choose a Product," select "Download."
  • My photo packs are ideal for artists seeking visual references or if you want a collection of photos on a particular theme. Available on Gumroad.


Want to support my work and see me produce more? All contributions are much appreciated.
  • PayPal: [email protected]
  • Bitcoin (BTC): 1EknnX99y7vRCrVQUvp8GSoTtjBnGXd2iE
  • Ether (ETH): 0x7212649ECA2BDf32661481dE65464F393E139bfD

Social Media

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I love tools that get out of my way and let me get things done. Here's what I've been using so far.

  • Blackmagic eGPU Pro: Fantastic for AI-powered apps that need more processing muscle.
  • iPhone: I tend to update to the latest each year. Currently an iPhone XS Max. That's right; I don't use a DSLR—I'm a minimalist and like to be able to take photos whenever the opportunity presents itself.
  • MacBook Pro: I update every two to three years. I am currently using a 13" 2016 model.

Post Production:
  • Apple Photos: Superb for syncing between my iPhone and Mac, storing (via iCloud), management, and performing basic edits. The following AI-powered apps I tend to use it as Apple Photos extensions so that I can keep the original version of the photo.
  • Photolemur: Desktop app that is especially good at breathing life into dark landscape photos.
  • Polarr: Mobile and desktop app that is best known for its intelligent filters but also has editing capabilities that go beyond what Apple Photos provides while still being relatively easy to use.
  • Topaz Labs AI Bundle: Desktop apps for denoising, sharpening, upscaling, and more.
  • TouchRetouch: Mobile and desktop app that is great for removing objects, damage, noise, or blemishes.

Artistic Effects:
  • BeFunky: A web-based image editor with a variety of artistic effect filters plus many more features.
  • Painnt: Mobile and desktop app that applies a variety of artistic effects intelligently. Rendering is done on-device.
  • Portra: Mobile app that produces gorgeous watercolor painting effects.
  • Prisma: Mobile app that applies a variety of artistic effects intelligently. HD versions are rendered in the cloud.

  • BeautyPlus: Mobile app that lets you manually tune a wide variety of facial features and attributes.
  • FaceApp: Mobile app with several capabilities that BeautyPlus lacks and vice-versa.
  • Lensa: Mobile app designed for realistic and subtle improvements.
  • Photo Lab: Mobile app designed to add a variety of effects on selfies and portrait shots. Rendering is done in the cloud.
  • PortraitPro Studio Max: Desktop app that automates many facial edits.


Feel free to contact me via email or Telegram :)